Over the years, many members of the family have put pen to paper and recorded stories about themselves and topics of interest to them personally. Most of this material has unfortunately disappeared with the passing of the author. However, luckily a significant amount of these personal jottings , records and musings has  survived. Most of this material is still just paper records  stashed away in boxes and files left behind and rarely if ever opened. Very little of this material has been available to other members of the family. Some has been published privately but in very limited numbers and very restricted circulation.

But now with the advent of the computer and the Internet it has become possible to not only place the writings of family members into an accessible medium. It is also possible to encourage any family member to add to the record either by sending in anything inherited and want to make available, but also to create new material and add that to the family archives.

This part of the site is the repository for written material that has been inherited from those who have passed on or created in more recent times.

Please use  the Menus and Links below to access more about the family history and the memories of individual family members.

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