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The Ough family has been involved with Mexico now for three generations. It all started when Sydney William Ough emigrated to start a new career in 1903. He was a metallurgist and a mining engineer who sought his future in the silver mining industry. He married Florence Glanville at Christ Church in Mexico City in 1903. From then on there has always been an Ough family presence in the country. Members of the family have left their mark one way or another in places like Mexico City, Guanajuato, Pachuca, Chihuahua, Los Azules amongst others.

The Ough family established strong links with the famous familia Rule through the marriage of Amy Ough to Cecil Rule. That provides another rich lode of family experience of Mexico because the Rule family's association with Mexico have been for an even longer period .....back to the 1820's in fact when Cornishmen first appeared in Mexico to revive the mining industry, especially in places like the mining village of Real del Monte 10000 ft high in the mountains behind the state capital and Pachuca itself.

The following links give access to a variety of records, papers written about the family's involvement in the country in one way or another.


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