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Andre Guerard
Georgette and George Deakin circa 1980
Joan Ough Circa 1970
Amy Rule nee Ough
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2/Lt M Ough Circa 1954
Sydney William Ough
Charles Deakin cica 1935
Lucy Todd nee Deakin circa 1946
Noel Rule 1935-1981
Mark Jeremy Ough Leggett circa 1990
Sylvia Shopland nee Deakin
Jane Allison Ough circa 1988
Minnie Madeleine Ough Dealy nee Deakin
Charmian and Jack Leggett October 1963
Alexandra  circa 2001
Helen Ruth  Ough Dealy circa 2000
Walter Ough with Caroline, Sally Anne and Charmian Leggett
Gerad Taylor
Audrey Rule circa 2004
Madeline Taylor and Art Prize
Lt.Sydney Thomas Ough Dealy RFC 1896-1918
Lance Corporal F.S.Ough Dealy, 1895-1918
Flt/Sgt Jack Dwelly RAF circa 1943  lost 1944
Thomas Kirkman Dealy circa 1918
Joan Ward-Harris nee Ough circa 1938
Henry Kirkman Dealy circa 1928
George Wooliscroft Rhead with George Wooliscroft Deakin circa 1907
Marie and Georgette Demoin with George Deakin circa 1930


The history of  the family is  mixed and varied and originated in many different parts of the world. Amongst its members the family can boast a variety of occupations including miners, soldiers, doctors, sailors, airmen, architects, writers, artists, linguists, musicians, hedge trimmers, salesmen, managers, conservationists, teachers, mathematicians, chemists, geologists, environmentalists, mountain climbers, swimmers, modellers, concientious objectors, theosophysts, engineers, metallurgists, nurses, business entrepreneurs and priests.

Part of this site records memories of service life including original tales from  time spent by an Ough  on service in Korea and other parts of the world like Malaysia and Germany. Other stories about life in the Army include an article on RSM J.C Lord MVO,MBE, who was famous as Academy Segeant Major at the RMA Sandhurst and who greatly influenced the life of that member of the Ough family.

Yet more stories  of members of the family can be found in the sections covering the lives in Mexico and Jamaica of various Oughs between the two World Wars and the years between 1946 and 1970. Other sections are about lives of family members who now still live in New Zealand, Mexico and England.The provenanced history of this branch of the Ough family goes back to the early 17th century. Our forefathers came from the County of Cornwall with roots in places like St Clear. The origins of the unusual family name are supposed to be Norman and linked with the French word for water  L'eau.

Nowadays people with the surname Ough can be found not only in the United Kingdom, but also in many other parts of the world including places like Mexico, Canada, Australia, the USA and New Zealand.  There is even a town called Ough in Nebraska, but it does not appear on too many maps as it is now only a road junction.

Members of the family have lived and served in a wide variety of places in the world including Mexico, Hong Kong, France, Australia, England, Japan, New Zealand, Germany, Norway, the United States, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. One way or another we have left our mark somewhere! 

The first material for the site came from old photograph albums and letters produced in period 1880-1918 that were found in an old box that originated in Hong Kong. The contents of this box were the  inspiration for this web site. This treasure trove included the memorabilia of the life of two brothers who started as pirivileged youngsters brought up in the traditions of the late Victorian era , and the short reign of  Edward VII only to be sacrificed  in the service of their country like so many others in the first World War.  One is buried in a small military cemetery near the Somme River in France. The other lies buried in the Chapel grounds of Stonyhurst College near Preston in England.Their story is in the section called "Grandmother's Black Box".  The brothers were part of the Ough and Dealy side of the family.

You will find the stories of  another branch of the family, under the "Deakin Collection". This includes the history of Adolphe Demolin  who served in World War 1 as an Infantryman with the French Army. During World War 2 he was Mayor of La Madeleine village in Northern Occupied France.  There are also extracts from  the letters of Andre Guerard. Andre wrote over 1500 letters during his service with the 36th Caen Infantry Regiment in the French Army between 1914 and 1918. The material includes family trees, photographs, memoirs, jottings and any other information available about any member of the Ough family that can be displayed via the Internet.

The material can be added to, amended or deleted by any member of the Ough Family who is allowed editorial access to this site. Such members will only be able to edit material that they have authored and uploaded to the site.

This site is under continuous development and new material is being added as it becomes available. A ny member of the public is welcome to view the material. Contacts and comments will also be welcome.

Charlotte  and friend


Photographs to Introduce Six Generations of the Family

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