The Deakin, Dealy, Demolin, Leggett, Ough, Shopland saga in New Zealand started in 1958 when Jack Leggett migrated to New Zealand. Five years later Charmian Ough gave up a nursing career in England and went to New Zealand to marry Jack. The happy union took place in the small C of E church in Johnsonville in October 1963. Mark, Sally Ann and Caroline came later born and bred New Zealanders. 

In 1967 Sylvia  and Ray Shopland also migrated to Auckland with Alice. Suzanne came later as a born and bred Kiwi.They made lasting contact with Charmian and Jack

Then in 1970 Georgette and George Deakin retired from service in Brunei and went to live at Cambridge Terrace in Papatoetoe also in Auckland. Georgette and George thus became the patriarchs of the family in Auckland.

In 1971 Margaret and Walter Ough migrated from Mexico to Auckland after nearly 40 years in the land of the Aztecs, It took some persuading to achieve this as Walter had lived in Mexico all his working life. The departure meant a huge upheaval for them both as they were leaving behind long established friends and strong family links. Nevertheless the draw card of at last joining up with Charmian and Jack as well as their friendship and links with George and Georgette proved strong enough to persuade them.

Martin and Minnie Ough Dealy plus Helen and Jane left England and Army life behind in 1971 and also headed for Auckland. Their arrival meant that for the first time the older generation members of the Ough and Deakin families were living in the same place. This ended long periods of separation for both families and a start to a new era of a connected extended family.

Finally Adolphe Demolin, by then in his eighties, also migrated to join daughter Georgette in Auckland and take up his position as the senior patriarch of the family. His coming completed the migration to New Zealand of 4 generations and 12 closely related members of the family.

The following are some stories and recollections of the generally happier times that followed those family migrations.

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