The Ough Dealy family travelled to Malaysia at the end of 1959. We were posted initially to the small town of Kluang in Johore State at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Service was with the British Army for eighteen months during which time we moved from Kluang to Johore Bahru and then to Kuala Lumpur.

The last move was for a secondment to serve with the Malaysian Armed Forces. The secondment was for two years.

We were privileged to serve in such a fascinating country with such wonderful people. The Emergency was still to last for another few years and the posting was classed as being on active service. However, for the most part we were very lucky to lead a normal life during the 3 and a half years we were there. Yet there were occasions when the Army required service in the field, and that meant being deployed in the jungles, or rubber plantations or the mountains of remoter parts of the country.

The following are a few memories of some of the adventures we had during that interesting time.

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