In 1960, the Emergency in Malaysia was winding down and the Army was for the most part reverting to more peacetime conditions. However, there were parts of the country that were still considered unsafe because of continued Communist activities. Parts of the country in the north bordering Thailand were one area still affected. Another were  small areas in the State of Johore.where 3 Infantry Workshop REME was based in the town of Kluang.

Exercise Rover Gang took place over several days and was designed to test young officers on their abilities and skills for coping with jungle conditions and especially  to navigate and find their way to specified locations. There were several teams each made up of 6 team members and they were issued with a LandRover and a motor cycle on which to travel. Although never stated, another major objective of the exercise was probably to maintain the Army's presence on the ground , thereby supporting  the continuing efforts to win the hearts and minds of the local population and encourage continued resistance to the Communist threat.

The teams were faced with several challenges including:

    x Deep river crossings
    x Motoring long distances over highways, smaller roads and jungle tracks
    x Trekking through jungle on foot to specified map references
    x Surviving on the basic kit and rations issued for the exercise
    x Dismantling the motor vehicles so as to fit into a Beaver aircraft for transportation to another locality, followed by reassembly.

Our team included Captains: Lamb, Moore, Ough Dealy,Stark, plus ? and ?

The following photographs provide graphic illustrations of a demanding and strenuous time.   .



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