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Walter was the second son, third child of Sydney William Ough and Florence Glanville, born Oct. 1 st. in 1909 at Guanajuato, Mexico. he returned to Mexico in 1912, having been taken home to England by his mother in 1910. Resided with his parents at EI Carmen mine [until late 1914] of the Cia Minera de Maravillas y San Francisco in Pachuca in the State of Hidalgo.

The whole family was forced to return to England as refugees when the Mexican Revolution started in 1914.
Walter remained in England at at school there until 1922 when he returned to Mexico with his mother and siblings to join his father, who himself had returned ain 1919 to Mexico to resume  his job in Pachuca in the State f Hidalgo.
Walter then went back to England for further schooling in 1923-24. Success at school menat that he could rejoin his parents and start his long career in the silver mining industry.  The following links give you access to his memoirs which tell you what happened to him in his long and eventful life. His random thoughts make fascinating reading.

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