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Norman was the first born son  of  Arthur Henry Ough and Annie Milburn ( formally Goldie) , born 10 November 1898 in Leytonstow, Leyton  England and died in London in 1965 . He was first cousin to Walter Glanville Ough  and brother to Joan Ough, a well known Canadian artist.

Norman is best known for his work as a modeller of Royal Navy Ships. He achieved a reputation as one of the best  model ship makers of his time. A contemporay newspaper reported that " for beautiful craftsmanship, for accuracy of detail and design, Mr Ough's models are unsurpassed.".

Many of his models were bought for display by museums, prominent and well known people and for exhibitions. Amongst his many clients were the Imperial War Museum, the United Services Museum and famous  individuals like Lord Mountbatten of Burma and  Admiral Lord Beatty.

In a letter written to a cousin  of Norman's just before his assasination, Lord Mountbatten  wrote " I was told by another model maker of the model HMS Hampshire that other model makers considered Norman Ough the greatest master of the craft of this century."

Norman published many articles in magazines about boat modelling during his life. 

Most recently a book about Norman has been  published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his death.The Author is Alistair Roach and the Publisher is Seaforth Publishing with a forward by Philip Reed. The title is "The Life and Ship Models of Norman Ough". This book provides a short biography and then devotes the rest to descriptions (many written by Norman himslf) of Norman's modelling techniques, a wonderful collection of photographs,( again mainly of his models) and samples of the exquisite drawings he produced for modellers.  Tbe book records the fact that many of Norman's drawings and other artifacts were bequeathed to the SS Great Britain Trust and details can be accessed through the web site detailed below.

Pictures of several of some his models can be found elsewhere on this site by using the links below.Norman has also been metioned in Wikipaedia . See Norman_A._Ough wherein can be found some more photographs and a short video about him


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