Joan Ough was born the fourth child of Arthur and Annie Ough in January 1917. Her brith place was the family home at Esk Hall, near Whitby in Yorkshire. She died in 2011 at her home in Vancouver Island.

Joan is best known for her work as a professional artist. She specialized in botanical subjects especially wild flowers. She published a  book on Canadian wildflowers ( "More Than Meets The Eye" Oxford University Press  1983) that has since become a reference for those interested in the subject. That book is beautifully illustrated and all of the pictures in it are Joan's work.

Another of Joan's books was "Creature Comforts"  published in 1979 by Collins also under her married name Joan Ward-Harris. This was the result of her love of animals, especially wild ones. She was was especially well known for her efforts, many described in this book,  at rescuing and caring for many that were injured or orphaned.


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