Poetic Prose

By Alexandra Ough Dealy
Age 11

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring

Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. I wait, though he doesn�t return. The war has parted us, separated us and torn us in two. 1 wait for him, though I know what has happened to him on that dreaded battle field. Poppies bloom all over the battle field; red as blood, shed by my only brother. I wait, though the letter lies open in front of my face. Though they have passed away; we will remember them.

Hooves trample and stamp. Tails flick and swish as Manes shake and streak behind them Nostrils flare, eyes gleam. Bodies gleam with sweat. Teeth clench, ears wriggle, legs pump. Whips crack. Money paid. Whistle blows. They�re off.

Wind whistles and whispers to me It tickles me gently Then soothing noises form. When the wind is angry it howls and pounds rattling rooftops, trees and waves. Nothing is there to soothe him. Nothing is there to help, cry or tickle the wind. All there�s left to do, is wait. Wait for him to calm. Wait for him to soothe. Wait for him to whisper again. Wind whistles and whispers to me.

The Secrets of the Earth
Trees swish and whisper secrets of the earth as fluttering birds of all shapes and sizes chirp to one another. A passing kauri snail spreads the news that Peace is a wondrous thing to discover.
So all the animals from near and far, gather to whisper and talk about this amazing thing.
Peace, that we all find at the end of the road of life.



Eyes drop into a heavy misted vision. Eyelids flop down till the long, dark eyelashes hang and wait to be used again. Just like farm tools being hung and waiting to be used in the morn. Yawn of sleep creeps to my lips and as it pushes out my tired mouth,
makes one last noise. Unconsciousness takes control and I can't fight against it. I scream out in my mind. No one hears me. I thrash and shake. No one to hear me. I sob and bawl though I know I won't win. Maybe tomorrow or the next day I'll win? Next time I won't lose.


Water seeps and peeps into the space around me I drink until I am full. Purples and blues and greens bloom and loom around me. I sigh and exfoliate my petals of yellow, orange and pink. All those peer and stare with jealousy. All I do is smile. I am a flower of the sun A daughter of the moon and son of the earth. I am the protector of the soil and sister of water. My heart is everyone's heart. I am a Marigold for you.

Copyright M.& M.M. Ough Dealy 2007-2010