This web site is a repository for all kinds of historical and archival material. It establishes a record of Ough family members both past and present. It is primarily about family members who now live in New Zealand and their ancestors. This site has been set up to record the history of an unusual British family with strong connections to the United Kingdom, Mexico, New Zealand, France, Hong Kong and Australia. 

The Ough family is directly connected by blood and  marriage ties to other families with the following surnames:  Alexander, Asher, Baker, Deakin, Dealy, Decouflet, Demolin, Glanville, Gibson, Guerard, Lafitte, Leggett, Plaxton, Savery, Shopland, Taylor, Telfer, Todd, Simpson, Smith, Rodriguez, Romero, Rule, Yandle, Ward-Harris and White.

This site is intended mainly to preserve a record of sorts about the Ough family. It is also set up to benefit the younger members of the family by way of giving them an insight into the lives of earlier generations and where they have come from. It is also in memory of all family members who have passed on, especially those who served to promote and defend freedom, democracy and equality before the law.

The site is currently under active revision. Relatively recent new material is the pictorial auto biography of Andre Guerard. Andre survived the first World War after being on active service throughout the conflict. He and his family also survived World War 2 as residents of occupied France. The most recent material includes items about Lucy Todd, Georgette Deakin and Sylvia Shopland.


Copyright of all parts of site is owned by  M.& M.M. Ough Dealy

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