The site was started to just record the history of family members with the surname Ough ( pronounced "O" as in "though") who were part of the Cornish mining community living in Mexico.  However, as the family tree was explored the site had to be expanded to cover many other branches of the family tree . Strong family connections have been discovered  to relatives and ancestors in  the United Kingdom, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada,  France, Hong Kong and Australia. The web site has now become  a repository for all kinds of historical and archival material about an unusual British/French/Mexican family.

We have found that the original members of the Mexican side of the Ough family are directly connected by close blood and  marriage ties to other families with the following surnames:  Alexander, Asher, Baker, Brown, Deakin, Dealy, Decouflet, Demolin, Glanville, Gibson, Guerard, Lafitte, Leggett, Plaxton, Savery, Shopland, Taylor, Telfer, Todd, Simpson, Smith, Rodriguez, Romero, Rule, Yandle, Ward-Harris and White.

The  site is now intended mainly to preserve and present a record of sorts about the Ough family and relatives with close family links. Hopefully it will also benefit the younger members of the family by providing an insight into the lives of earlier generations and where they have come from. Importantly the site serves as a memorial to family members who have passed on, but especially for those who served to promote and defend freedom, democracy and equality before the law.

The short tragic lives of Frank Ough Dealy and Sydney Thomas Ough Dealy are recorded. The brothers were killed on active service with the ANZACS in World War 1,  Frank Dwelly is also remembered. He died whilst serving in RAF Bomber Command in World War 2.  Letters and pictures produced by Andre Guerard whilst on active service with the French Infantry can also be found on this site. He and his family also survived World War 2 as residents of occupied France. He wrote over 1000 letters to his wife , many from the trenches, during the terrible years of the Great War. Adolf Demolin is another respected member of the family who served as a Poilu during WW1 and survived to become Mayor of the village of La Madeleine in Normandy and endured, as such,  the occupation of France during WW2

The site continues to be developed. Minnie Ough Dealy has added more material to her memoirs. Other recent material includes items about Lucy Todd, Georgette Deakin and Sylvia Shopland. Lucy's memoire describes the sacrifices she made  whilst her husband Kenneth was a POW on the Infamous Burma Rail road during WW2. He was a doctor with the RAMC having been captured by the Japanese when Singapore fell in 1942. 

A new section is being set  up to further cover  the Dealy side of the family. New relatives with links to ancestors who lived in Sheffield  have recently come to light. Material contributed by Pat Brown ( nee Dealy) and Anne King (nee Dealy ) who live in Western Austraila and Chris Dealy who is in Cornwall is now being added.

Our hope is that you will enjoy this site. If you have any comments please do contact us.


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